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How Neye Got 25,000 New Followers On TikTok

A new content strategy and focus on entertainment value make Neye one of the leading bag brands on Danish TikTok.








Despite a strong presence across social media, Neye faced a significant challenge in the run-up to the Christmas season: to effectively engage the young audience on TikTok (focusing on 18-30 year olds). Neye needed a new modern strategy to reach the target audience on TikTok.

How did TikTok become a significant factor during Neye's Christmas sales?


Our main main focus was to entertain the TikTok users. Because if no entertainment is included, users simply scroll on to the next video.
We did that by creating the series concept "Take my credit card and buy whatever you want in the Neye store - but if you go over the limit of the card, you get nothing."

It created interest and curiosity on TikTok and users wanted to see if the person actually exceeded the credit card limit.
In this connection, we were able to include all the products that were looked at indirectly, and it performed very well.

We wanted a female content creator, as many of Neye's bags are aimed at women. In this connection, the target group could identify even better with our content creator, and thus also Neye.

Creativity is the key element on TikTok

47% of a brand's sales on TikTok are dependent on the creative element of their videos.

We therefore placed great emphasis on developing video concepts that managed to showcase Neye's key products in a way that felt less like a direct advertisement and more like entertaining content.

A random person receives a payment card without knowing the amount on the card. The challenge? They could buy anything they wanted inside Neye, but if they exceeded the card's amount, they would lose it all.

At the same time, our our content creator could talk about the given products and prices, which ensured that the marketing felt natural and not intrusive.

To keep the viewer's attention, we used visual elements such as overlays. Here there was a big focus on keeping the TikTok users excited. Therefore, a countdown was set for the price reveal.

This overlay played a key role in retaining viewers and enhancing the overall excitement of the videos.

See a few of the videos from Neye's Christmas campaign:

Results from the collaboration

Our strategic realignment and creative approach resulted in strong results for Neye, including:

  • Following Growth: The campaign generated +25,000 new followers.

  • Range: Over 1 million views were generated.

  • Engagement: Engagement on Neye's TikTok channel saw a 1300% increase, indicating that interest in the content is also greater.

  • Average Watch Time Average watch time jumped from 2-5% to between 25-50%. This indicates that users are not only interested in the content, but were also engaged through the course of action.

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